Why on earth are you doing that? I could never do that…


Whoever you are, whatever shape your body is and however you feel inside, I am sure that if you go out and exercise, there will always be people looking at you and wishing they could do what you are doing.

For me, my horizons gradually shifted to further and further distances and longer and more demanding running distances and races. I can really say that I never believed  I would ever be able to run the Holme Moss Race. Now that I have achieved it twice I fully intend to complete an ultra distance race sometime soon. My wife had M.E. for about 12 years, and I did only very little running during much of that time. I feel so privileged that my family life now allows me a little time to set aside for myself, and that I have the fitness that I do actually have. It comes down to this. If you really want to do something, then you will one day do it. If you aren’t ‘getting round to it,’ then you probably don’t really want to do it anyway! If you really want to run and aren’t even walking then it’s about breaking it down in to tiny tiny steps. Don’t worry about walking for most of your ‘run’ and especially on the hills. Here’s something to remember:

Apart from the most elite runners, even the toughest, fittest fell runners and mountain runners still walk at some point in their races.

There is nothing wrong with walking a bit, or even for all of your route. But you do need to get out, even for 1 mile, and have a go at whatever pace you are capable of.

Chi Running sees running as a practice rather than an activity. It is something that affects your whole life. Something that involves you body, mind, emotions and spiritual self. Your whole self. It is a journey that you are on, and it doesn’t matter where you start. Hang on a minute, isn’t that just what life is all about anyway? So wherever you are is exactly where you are supposed to be. Accept it and even welcome it. Don’t look back or look forward in your life. Enjoy where you are and what your body can do in the moment you are in.

If that sounds weird, it’s not my wisdom, some of it comes from Yoga (http://ohsheglows.com/2010/10/06/7-universal-truths/) and some of it comes from mindfulness. Also, thinking about life with an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ is another perspective. If it’s not for you then fine, but there has been a large body of writing within these areas over the last few years and I know a great many people who have experienced a lot of life changing healing and changes in their well being and happiness from these approaches.

So if running isn’t for you then how about walking? Of if you feel you can’t face exercise then how about saying I’m not doing it yet rather than I’m not doing it. Whatever you are thinking, please don’t allow yourself to believe that you can’t exercise or can’t run in some way shape or form, nice people 🙂




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