Why don’t we think about the way we run?

is MORE important than speed and power. What’s the point in running 50 miles a week for a month if we have a problematic running style that causes us injury? My niggly injuries all start to rear their head when my weekly mileage creeps over about 25-30 miles in a week. If it’s more like 10-20 then I seem to be fine. I have, however, (as discussed here) managed to improve on this and trained enough for long races such as the Three Peaks Race without becoming injured… so far the Chi Running approach has stopped any serious injury problems getting the better of me. Chi Running works on form first. Speed and Distance follow on after running form has been improved. There’s a lot more about running form to discuss here….

And what about mental preparation? It has been said (I can’t find by who) that  "Running is 90% mental, the rest is physical." If so, why do SO many people ignore the inward aspect?  Chi Running teaches a relaxed an mindful approach to running. How many top runners have been quoted as prizing a relaxed style? You can’t win a race if your stressed and tensed up. And what about being mindful as you run, or staying in the moment? I hear quite a few top folks say ‘I focus on where I am at that moment’ and similar stuff. There’s a whole blog with that name here. http://runninginthemoment.com/about/

There is a lot more to say on that aspect of running as this blog continues.





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