Running Ritual

It’s really important to make those patterns positive imprints. That ritual come easily become a sacred part of your life: time for you, a time to take care of your body and your health, a time when your mind focuses on the moment, an how you feel, and on what you need. When I put my running clothes on, I can feel my mind and body move into a different state of being, one of aliveness and anticipation. I am so used to Body Sensing when I run that I drop into my workout mode as I get ready for the run."

I suppose as I prepare for my Chi Running instructor training later this year, this quote just about sums up for me exactly what Chi Running is all about for me. It’s taking care of my body and listening to it. I’d also say it’s a holistic, body mind and spirit practice.

  • A while ago I carried out a ‘running streak‘ which lasted for 40 days. This means I ran for at least 1 mile every day. During that time my running really did start to feel much more like a ritual. Right now I’ve adjusted the balance of my life a little away from running but still running every week. I can’t wait to get back to a more frequent, more ritualistic habit again. Who knows, maybe I’ll even do another running streak.

    Do any of you runners out there streak run? I have a good friend who has done over 400 days and was features in Men’s Running Magazine recently. If not, is your running a ritual? If not, what words would you use to describe it?




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