How similar is Chi Running to minimalist running?


The findings can be summarised as follow:

Would be minimalist runners should be aware:

  • There should be a focus on relaxing and focussing on posture.
  • It’s easy to over lean.
  • Avoid over striding.
  • You will be lighter on your feet.
  • This is not a panacea for all running injuries.
  • The aim is not to over stride. This is more important the landing on the forefoot.
  • Adopt a fast cadence. You can download a metronome app for your phone that helps with cadence.


Well! It turns out that all those pointers would be of great benefit to the Chi Runner. In fact I’d say those could all be quotes from the Chi Running materials. I’m not going to go further and make any great judgements about similarities or differences, I’d rather open the debate. What I will say is that Chi Running is a lot more than a set of biomechanics, it brings with it a whole philosophy and approach that can improve the quality of your whole life (yes, even your life outside running!) I will certainly return to this topic in future blogs. Right now it’s over to you. Comments please.




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