Chi Running Instructor Training

Each instructor had their own interests that complemented their skills as an instructor as well as their own advice to bring. Personal training, Chinese medicine, Neurology, NLP, Tai Chi and Piano teaching (yes, that’s got a lot to do with posture!) were amongst the experiences shared as well as the Chi Running itself. This meant we all got a real wealth of experience and advice during our time together.

Playing in the sand

Walking and running across sand and then analysing footprints might seem strange. It might seem simple. But we all spend hours doing it, and it was a fascinating thing to do together. Certain instructors were very good indeed at ‘reading’ the sand. When your aim as a runner is to be light on your feet, this is SUCH a good way to get feedback as you run, and afterwards. It was, of course, challenging for people to get the technique perfected.


A few hours were spent on hill technique. My favourite quote from Marion was "Chi Running has the best hill technique. There are many hill techniques, and Chi Running has the best." She went on to talk us through four separate techniques (gradual uphill, steep uphill, gradual downhill, steep downhill.) I was listening so intently at this point, thinking of various tricky bits of hill terrain back in Yorkshire. I have already been working on my technique after reading the books, but learning from others is absolutely the best way with Chi Running, in my experience. And then we went on to steps! We have lots of steps round here too and I’m certainly going to be working on those too. As Marion said, when training on hills, it’s about how to run up them with the best technique, not the fastest speed. Speed will follow after we have refined our efficiency.

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