Day: August 27, 2013

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Mindfulness Based Improvement in Running

although it has been attributed to (the great) Abraham Maslow (You can read more about it on Wikipedia.) When you learn to drive a car, you are at first having to think about every single action. Gear changes, checking mirrors. As you master the basics, they sink in and you carry out these actions without […]

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Me and My Shadow

But watching my shadow was actually quite helpful. Interestingly, even though the primary focus of my running was almost entirely about form, my speed and split times were actually quite decent for the terrain. I’m beginning to find more and more that Chi running is benefitting me considerably. It might be years worth of work, […]

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Finding the balance

  I love the idea that less is more. You do need to exercise but you need to snuggle in to the middle of the curve…. massive distances aren’t needed…I love the description of what he says (about 16mins 30 seconds in to the video) about stopping to do some yoga whilst on a walk […]

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I’m not a runner

not a walker. I’m a human being. The exercise we all take exists in the context of our whole lives, and it is essential to find a decent balance amongst competing priorities. The balance we need to find will be different at different times. What’s great about Chi Running and Walking is that I am […]

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Why don’t we think about the way we run?

is MORE important than speed and power. What’s the point in running 50 miles a week for a month if we have a problematic running style that causes us injury? My niggly injuries all start to rear their head when my weekly mileage creeps over about 25-30 miles in a week. If it’s more like […]

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Why Chi Running?

on a weekly basis. The knee pain returned. I was only running about 10 to 20 miles a week. This time there was absolutely no way that I was going to stop running on order to fix the problem, so I started some physio therapy. I also started reading about running, more specifically how to […]

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Book Review: Born to Run (Christopher McDoughall)

explore the question of ‘did we really evolve to run long distances?’ There is also a very revealing discussion on the modern trainer. I personally had never heard that debate before, and it was very well explained with practical examples in the book. If you want to try a radical alternative there is so much […]

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Book Review: ‘Running High’ by Hugh Symonds

a few maps etc which you munro baggers out there will no doubt pour over to figure out your opinion on Hugh’s route choice over the mountains. Some of his distances each day were really quite eye watering, bearing in mind he needed to meet up with his wife and family who following him round […]

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