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  • Technique Workshops


    I am no longer a certified Chi Running Instructor. Keep an eye on my newsletter for any future developments, and please feel free to contact me if you are interested in guided trail running in the Peak District National Park, or if you need to contact another Chi Running Instructor.

  • Summer 1-1 sessions

    I offer a few 1-1 sessions in July / August. Places are strictly limited. Contact me to arrange a date. £30 per hour.

    Not currently available.

  • Training Plans

    The Freedom To Run training plan is individually tailored. Distances 10k - Ultra. Your plan will be highly specific to your own individual needs, and based on tried and tested workouts. Plans are delivered digitally through the Google Drive app.

    £35 - basic plan with email consulation.

    £70 - premium plan with two telephone consultations and Garmin device setup.

Chi Running is a very simple method in essence. Anybody can pick up the basics. Some people are quicker learners than others, and some people can dedicate more time than others, so that will have an impact on how easy your ongoing learning feels. Remember though, that like any mindful practice, developing your running is a lifelong work that is worth taking time over. Gradual progress and using each small step as a foundation for the next are key principles here.

Chi Running takes just a few hours to learn... but, like anything worthwhile, a lot longer to master! The time it takes for the benefits to be felt can be very quick indeed for some people, whilst for others it does take longer. Surely it's worthwhile taking a few months or even years to learn something that will benefit you for the rest of your life? The good news is that you practise the Chi Running focusses througout your daily life, not just when you are running.

I will video you running at the beginning and the end of the workshop. During the rest of the workshop there will be many exercises to do, however many of these do not involve running, as they focus on posture and body alignment. There will be several practical sessions which will involve running at a slow pace for short distances. You will not be asked to run faster or longer than you are comfortable with.

No specific level of fitness it required. Don't worry, you won't be running all day! Most of the running involved in the day is for short distances at a slow speed. Anything more demanding than that is up to you. So whether your plan is to transition from walk to run, or half marathon to marathon, you should be able to cope fine! To get the most of out the workshop, you should be mentally prepared to run a short distance at least once a week after the workshop, in order to embed what you learn on the day.

There can never be a guarantee that you will never get injured. However, one of the main aims of Chi Running is to become injury free. There are many, many stories from runners who took up Chi Running and found they became free from long standing injury problems. There is scientific research that found that Chi Running reduces impact significantly compared with other running styles.

Chi Running takes just a few hours to learn the basics and it is so simple that a child can learn it. However what it does take is time. The good news is that you can go entirely at your own speed, and that your running will involve much less effort when compared with conventional running. Different people mean different things by the word 'improve.' Chi Running can benefit all aspects of your running. Greater distance and speed are possible as a product of developing a more relaxed and fluid Chi Runnign style. My hope is that your running will become a mindful practice that brings health, enjoyment and peace to your whole life.

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I live in the Holme Valley, near Huddersfield and on the very northern edge of the Peak District National Park. Workshops are in venues easily accessible from:

Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, Liverpool, Huddersfield, Halifax, Wakefield, Barnsley, Cumbria, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and North Wales.


Mountain Training
I am a qualified Mountain Leader, registered with the Mountain Training Association.

Photos of the Holme Valley Landscape are by Andy Leader of Made in Holmfirth

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I'm UKA Leadership in Running Fitness qualified.