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Jon Burdon, Chi Running and Chi Walking instructor based in England and Wales


Chi Runnering makes happy runners! Please take some time to read and listen to the feedback that I have been getting from my clients.

  • The workshop was professionally run . Jon is able to deliver the information in a fun, interesting manner. Most importantly he has the ability to make everyone feel good about their abilities and he keeps the group cohesive (you feel like you in the right place whether your a sub 3hr marathon runner or looking to complete your first run/walk 5k.

    - Wil

  • Thoroughly enjoyable day with like minded people learning the basics of Chi running technique Which I am now putting into practice, looking forward to my next worship to learn more.

    - Keely

  • I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Jon, and felt inspired by the end. He is an excellent communicator, and I look forward to working with him again to improve my hill running! Thanks so much, Jon!

    - Rachel

  • Attending one of Jon's Chi Running workshops would benefit amateur runners of all levels. Anyone who wants to improve their form should consider a Chi Running workshop.

    - Adam

  • I cant believe chi running isn't bigger in the uk. I now understand exactly what good form is and how it can prevent injury. I am very excited about its potential for making my running easier. It has rekindled my desire to keep running into old age. Thanks Jon. You are a very skilled coach.

    - Gill

  • Jon's Chi running level 1 workshop provides the right balance of discussion and practise in beautiful settings. Jon creates a really relaxed atmosphere for the group enabling open discussion, whilst naturally liaising with individuals 121. From booking onto the workshop to a week after attending Jon leaves no question unanswered. A really great tutor of such a brilliant topic.

    - Kelly

  • I realise from this one day and the follow on video analysis how important it is to have an expert look at your technique and work with you to improve it. Jon sold me on the advantages of chi running and I am keen to adopt its principles. Thanks jon.

    - Sue

  • It doesn't matter at what stage you are at with your running, Jon can help you find an easier, more efficient, style, so that you will look forward to every future run, not dread it. To have the confidence to exercise without causing injury to yourself is wonderful. To be fully 'in the moment' with body self-awareness and micro-managing it is intellectually rewarding too. As a 61 year old, relatively recent convert to Chi Running, I am now, post Jon's Level 1 workshop, filled with optimism.

    - Andrew

  • I am now totally sold on chi running. I'd read the book by Danny Dreyer several months before but had struggled to implement it. The video of my progress by the end of the day evidenced that I was running better. I know chi running has given me my mojo back and that it really does work to make running less effortless. Was worth every penny. Jon is a great teacher. Very inspiring. So glad I have discovered this.

    - Gill

  • I really enjoyed the course, Jon explained the concepts of chi running clearly and the drills were appropriate to the focus.

    - Sion

  • I found the workshop very enjoyable and I learned a lot very quickly. It was delivered in a relaxed informal way with plenty of opportunity to practice. I have found that I could remember enough to be able to use the principles to change my runnning.The materials given were very useful, especially the small quick reference guide.


  • Jon explains the techniques in a straightforward way and demonstrates them so they can be seen in practice. The workshop is very interactive, fun and by the end of the day, your technique will have noticeably improved. I would recommend this workshop to beginners and experienced runners alike.

    - Liz

  • Many thanks for your 1:1 help Jon - excellent coaching in group situations too.

  • I completed the Culloden 17.46k race this morning. Jon gave me some excellent advice on running up hills. Although I need to work at this, the advice he gave me really helped and I negotiated some steep hills while finishing nearly a minute faster than last year. Thanks Jon!

  • A natural fell runner but able to empathise with all level runners to improve their running style and enjoyment.

  • As a teacher and talented fell runner Jon has all the attributes of a great Chi Runner. He shares his expertise skilfully and offers great support. Thanks Jon :)

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Where to find me


I live in the Holme Valley, near Huddersfield and on the very northern edge of the Peak District National Park. Workshops are in venues easily accessible from:

Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, Liverpool, Huddersfield, Halifax, Wakefield, Barnsley, Cumbria, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and North Wales.


Mountain Training
I am a qualified Mountain Leader, registered with the Mountain Training Association.

Photos of the Holme Valley Landscape are by Andy Leader of Made in Holmfirth

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UKA Leadership in Running Fitness qualified.

I'm UKA Leadership in Running Fitness qualified.