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I've run less than normal recently due to changes in my personal life. I thought I'd hate less regular training and that has been hard but not as hard as I expected. A quote from the Chi Walking book reminded me that running and walking should be equal in stature with all other important activities in your live (p 56). Walking and running should be a vehicle for personal growth as well a fitness. I must say that never before have I found as many opportunities to develop concepts and try out physical tasks as now. I can find so many ways to play around with posture and lean as well as other elements of the Chi Running technique during every day life. I'm not a runner and I'm

What “Love Yourself” Means and 3 Ways to Get Closer To it.

A nice, clear article of great relevance to the Chi Runner. I very much believe there should be close links between this type of approach and the mindful attitude towards running. I guess it goes without saying that we need to take this approach if we want to optimise our potential to be injury free.  Some will no doubt disagree about how much  emphasis should be placed on loving yourself,  or on mindfulness. I think that's where your own personal journey comes in.

(For the benefit of those outside northern England, fell running refers to running up and back down the hills / mountains of that region.)

So, it's January and 337 runners meet up out on the icy, snow covered Yorkshire Moors to race! Let's go... I must admit I felt a little intimidated by the appearance of the opposition (after all, many were wearing shorts and a running vest... in SUB ZERO temperatures...) My first temptation was to launch in to the fastest start I could manage. However, thoughts in the back of my head about even paced running encouraged me to concentrate on a steadier start, saving myself for the bridleway about 1/2 a mile in where I would start to pick off the competition a little.

Guess what? Being kind to and looking after your body is important. It turns out that massive mileage every week isn't the key to good health according to this video.

In these studies, the runners live longer... but over 25 miles per week, you loose the benefits... and multi marathon running over decades is not good for you! The 'more is better' idea doesn't carry on for ever... the benefits plateau out.

Take a look at what happened to Micah True of 'Born To Run' fame. Hmm... some interesting points!

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I live in the Holme Valley, near Huddersfield and on the very northern edge of the Peak District National Park. Workshops are in venues easily accessible from:

Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, Liverpool, Huddersfield, Halifax, Wakefield, Barnsley, Cumbria, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and North Wales.


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I am a qualified Mountain Leader, registered with the Mountain Training Association.

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I'm UKA Leadership in Running Fitness qualified.