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In Chi Running, running is seen as a mindful practice rather than a sport. It is viewed very much in a holistic sense. The whole body is used in Chi Running, and the mind needs to aware of all parts including upper and lower body. It therefore follows that a good all round understanding of anatomy should be one of the strings in the bow if the Chi Runner, and this book goes a long way towards building that understanding.
The book is organised in to seven sections according to body parts.

Well I've now booked on to a Chi Running instructor course later this year. I was asked to write a few words as part of my application for Instructor Training, and thought I'd share them on my Blog.

At university I completed a 4 year degree in Primary Education with Outdoor Studies. This course had a holistic philosophy, including philosophy and values as part of the subjects studied alongside human performance and technical skills. I also gained my mountain leadership qualification. The teaching side of the degree lead me in to a career as a Primary School teacher, however I have always wanted to work in the outdoors. I see becoming a Chi Running and Chi Walking instructor as a fantastic way to complement the skills I already have, and provide me with a way of helping other enjoy the outdoors as much as I do.

I just love this quote from Chi Marathon by Danny Dreyer:

"A great workout for me will feel like a ritual that you perform with regularity and consistency. My dog can tell it's time to go for a walk when I go to the front of the closet to grab a jacket; her whole body wags in anticipation. When you create a ritual around your running, your mind and body will also begin to fall in to certain patterns (and maybe even wag with enthusiasm).

I've been reading quite a bit about Chi Running for a while now as well as other similar topics. These blogs are just my personal ramblings, so I'd be really interested to see if this one makes any sense to any other runners out there.

I thought I'd explain a model of learning that I find very helpful and relate it to Chi Running. This 'Stages of Competence' model came from research by Noel Burch in the 1970s,

I did an hour of Qigong today before a 2 mile warm up, drills and then 6 x 500m interval training. According to Wikipedia, Qigong (or Chi Kung) is "literally 'Life Energy Cultivation,) "... "a practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation."

For me, the main benefit of the Qigong was that I had a 60 minute chance to concentrate fully on my body movements. It was good to see where a lot of the thinking behind Chi Running comes from. It's amazing how hard it is to concentrate on controlling your body carefully, precisely, and mindfully for the entire session. I am certain it will take me a long time to begin to become confident the qigong movements.

This is an amazing testimony about Chi Running - well worth a watch... this guy was told he could never run again and has now run over 30 ultras with Chi Running. What a waste of a life it would have been to stop running when he was told to by the doctors.

It's great to have testimonials like this to spur you on if you have an injury. Surely

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I am a qualified Mountain Leader, registered with the Mountain Training Association.

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