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I received my Chi Running instructor study schedule today. I've been reading continuously for over 6 months now, anticipating what kind of study might be required. Now it's time to knuckle down and follow a tighter schedule for a few weeks.

I must say the course materials and approach are very professional, and very high quality. I can't wait to get off to Berlin in October for the face to face part of the course.

Posture feedback... From my body.. Each time I go running at the moment I can really feel a big difference in my abdominal muscles... I think something is really beginning to click with my technique.

Just been reading about Y-Chi at

Danny says:

"Y is the ability to direct your chi towards a visual "goal" through the use of your eyes. So, y’chi is the skill of directing all of the energies and movement in your body through the focus of your eyes."

How do we in West Yorkshire, UK relate to a Chinese concept about energy? Sheepdogs of course! We just watched the dogs and do they ever take their eyes off those sheep? No they don't! An absolutely amazing example of how the focus of your eyes can direct your energy and control those around you.

This book is a must read for anyone interested in running without injury, or anyone interested in Chi Running.

As books on Chi Running clearly focus on what makes Chi Running unique and effective, they include a lot of information on the Chi Running technique itself. This book is a brilliant complement to that reading because it is deeply grounded in the science of running. If you have no idea about Chi Running but just want to be injury free - read this book!

I've been trying to find as many ways as possible to keep a careful eye on my running form recently. In my opinion, it's so easy to think you are doing something with your body when, in fact, you are not! Getting somebody to video you is a great way to get feedback, but we can't always do that.

Tonight, a wonderful run out on the moors found me checking out my own shadow for feedback. I was able to check out my posture quickly and easily. Also, I think I also got quite a good idea of my foot strike from a sideways glance here and there. I did try videoing my own shadow as I was running just for a bit of fun. That wasn't that successful really.

I recently read 'Running With The Kenyans' by Adharanand Finn. The subtitle is 'Discovering The Secrets of the Fastest People on Earth.' So what are the secrets? Before I read this well written and fascinating book, I had quite a few conversations with my friend Chris Dawson who is a Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. He was of the strong opinion that the reason for the Kenyan success is entirely 'in the head.' Surely all human bodies work the same? It must be all about what is going on in their minds.

My favourite quote from 'Anatomy for Runners' by Jay Dicharry is "A smart training plan goes beyond long runs and speed work. It addresses all your unique  biomechanical needs to ensure that you are racking up miles well in to the future." It's a great book, highly recommended. More thoughts to follow.

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