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This blog is all about my journey with Chi Running. I try to discuss all aspects of the practice. I also write a book review for every book I read about running. Please DO post comments below - you don't event need to have an account - just leave your name :)

And so it begins

I received my Chi Running instructor study schedule today. I've been reading continuously for over 6 months now, anticipating what kind of study might be required. Now it's time to knuckle down and follow a tighter schedule for a few weeks.

I must say the course materials and approach are very professional, and very high quality. I can't wait to get off to Berlin in October for the face to face part of the course.

Posture feedback... From my body.. Each time I go running at the moment I can really feel a big difference in my abdominal muscles... I think something is really beginning to click with my technique.


Posture feedback.... From someone at work. I was told I have good posture yesterday. That's a real sign for me that Chi Running is impacting on my whole life. I do work on the Chi Running focusses all day every day... But before I started Chi Running I must say I think my posture was terrible. It's great to find evidence of improvement.

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